Sunday, July 3, 2011

Urban Homesteader's Action Day Video

We did another action day over at Take Back Urban Home-steading(s), which has now reached nearly 8000 likes.  Now that it's growing season in much of the country we got a chance to see what people are growing, from Maine to California.  We did our own little video tour of the homestead around 7 p.m. on a very windy North Coast day.  As usual it took two takes for us to get it right, and by then the battery was dying so we had to speed up the last part of the video.  I'm determined to do a really good, dare I say professional, video the next time I do this!  But, you will get the basic idea of our homestead layout and what goes on here.  (We forgot to mention that all of our garden and homestead structures are recycled, re-purposed or given to us except for the garden shed.)  Enjoy!

Here is the Alexander urban homestead tour!


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