Sunday, July 3, 2011

Urban Homestead Video and Photo Tour Action Day Round Up

We did another action day over at Take Back Urban Home-Steading(s) this past weekend.  This time our action day was a video and photo tour of our urban homesteads.  It's so amazing to see all of the beautiful gardens and homesteads from around the country!  We had front yard veggie gardens, balcony gardens, back yard gardens and more!  Thanks to everyone who participated!  I got some great ideas from some of your gardens and thoroughly enjoyed every tour.  Here is the round up, enjoy!

Photo Tours:

A Life In Balance - Urban Homestead Tour

Caitlin Harvey - My Balcony Farm

Terry Corum - Backyard Garden

Sarah Spitz - Apartment/Condo Urban Homestead

Mary Larsen - Urban Homestead Tour

Amy Patricia Kraemer Hawks -  Urban Homestead Tour

Liz Carter - 5 Gallon Container Potato Plant

Steve Denton - Potato Harvest

Rosey Jean - Edible Landscape Herb Garden

Victoria Finkenstadt - Tulip Tree Homestead

Video Tours:

Ron & April Alexander - Alexander Urban Homestead

Kristen Wheatley - Urban Homesteading in Auburn Maine

Chris Keith - A Video Tour of the Trailer Park Homestead

Robert van de Walle - Building a Floating Island

Rodney Collins - Outfox Farm's Urban Homestead Tour

Linda Ring - Gators and Garters

Mireille Halley - Evolution of an Urban CA Homesteader

Dan Fountain - Urban Homestead Tour

Tami French Logan - (Disclaimer - this video shows a chicken being killed.)  Our first chicken processing adventure.

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  1. Hi there! I love this! Just heard about it today so I am late to the party, but here is a link to my video tour.

    Karen from Mamalooma
    (Twin cities, MN)