Monday, July 4, 2011

Urban Homestead Photo Tour - Part 2 Back Yard, Chickens, Apple Trees and Herbs

When we bought our house the back yard was bare except for a gigantic holly tree, a flowering plum tree that was on its way out, and a few more flowering cherry trees and rose bushes.  The very back part of the yard where the raised beds are now was completely bare, in fact when we first looked at the property we weren't sure it was part of the property because it was separated by a fence.  When we found out it was indeed part of the land we really wanted it because we knew we would grow veggies, and that's exactly what we did.

This is the side back yard with the chicken coop, (at the left), apple trees and some flowers and herbs scattered here and there.

Here is the coop Ron made.  The run was constructed from re-purposed materials, as was the structure of the coop.  I painted it!  I know I've posted this pic a lot of times, my apologies but I just love this angle.  

Meet the girls:  The 3 Co Coo Marans are:  Peepers, Snowflake and Jacqueline, (hidden in the back.)  They will lay chocolate colored eggs, can't wait!  The Buff Orpington is Penelope, "Penny."

Here is the ruler of the roost "Ophelia" the Buff Orpington.  It has remained to be seen whether "she" is actually a she.  She may just be a very aggressive girl who developed early, only time will tell!

This is Henrietta our sole Ameraucana.  She likes to be up high, as you can see she is perched up on the back of the gate.  Her eggs will be greenish tinted. 

Another bird we have frequently in our backyard is the finch.  Our neighbor told us that before we moved in and grew flowers there weren't any finches or small birds on the property.  We have two feeders for them, and I see birds here daily.  

This is our biggest apple tree, a Semi Dwarf Fuji, planted 2 years ago.  It's doing quite well due to lots of manure and good compost at the base.  

September is harvest time for these apples, and I can't wait.  Hopefully no worms will get to them before then!

Semi Dwarf Courtland Apple 

Semi Dwarf Banana Apple 

Semi Dwarf Gala Apple

Herbs - Rosemary bush on the right, and in the wine barrel we're growing:  Cilantro, Dill, Oregano, Chives and Thyme.  We want to dedicate an entire raised bed for herbs next season.  One wine barrel is not enough!  The bamboo fence behind the herbs was built by Ron.

My prized Lavender bush.  I generally dry my Lavender, but this year I hope to make my own bath salts and add it to the mixtures.  I'll let you know how that goes!

This was one of Ron's latest creations, a lattice made from copper piping we found on the property and bamboo.  He plans to grow climbing vines of some sort on it to provide a screen. 

Back porch - We have several roses growing along the side of the porch as well as some Japanese Maples.

My little mosaic rock garden.  There are a bunch of wildflowers about to bloom behind it. 

Our prettiest rose growing along the back porch.  Not sure of the name because my dad gave it to us.  

Back porch flowers

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