Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cool Urban Homesteading Guy Blogs

I thought it would only be fair to share some of the great guy blogs out there, since there really are some fantastic ones you don't want to miss!  Even though the brunt of the blogging is done by women, some of the guys are doing fantastic jobs.  There are only a few really well known guy urban homesteading blogs that I have seen, but I'm still looking for more.  Here are some I have come across that I really enjoy:

Urban Organic Gardener - A blog by Mike Lieberman.  Mike is an urban homesteading activist like myself, so I love to read his take on urban homesteading current events.  He rocks balcony and porch gardening and posts fantastic recipes.  From his fb page, this is his personal interest: "Empowering people to make better informed choices about the decisions that they are making on a daily basis and how those decisions possibly effect their health and the environment."

My Earth Garden - A blog by Michael Nolan:  The Garden Rockstar.  Michael co-authored the book "I Garden: Urban Style."  His blog runs the gamete from great garden tips to fabulous recipes, and his photography is always fun.  Michael also has a facebook page:  The Garden Rockstar.  

The Noodle Book - A blog by Nick Strauss.  Nick is a great writer and has covered the whole urban homesteading trademark debate well with his "An Open Letter to the Dervaes Family" post.  His wife Erica has an awesome blog as well, Northwest Edible Life.  They're an urban homesteading blogging duo.

Rob's World - A blog by Rob Johnson.  "Cooking, gardening, community, home improvements, junk art, green living and the decisional rant."  Rob's cool, check out his blog.

Adventures in Food Land - A blog by David Offutt, the Gastronomic Gardener.  David encourages gardening and cooking and his blog is mainly a cooking blog, filled with great recipes with garden fresh veggies.  

It All Started With Tomatoes - A blog by Luis Tobon.  He does a great "Weekly Farm Update" with garden pics and DIY projects.  Very cool. 

Funny Farm - A blog by Duane Marcus, an organic gardener and teacher from Georgia.  He lives on three acres and grows in mass.  If you want to learn how to grow check out this guy's blog.

Highly Uncivilized - A blog written by a guy named Brad K.  I can't find his name on the blog anywhere, hmm.  Anyway, his blog covers green topics and urban homesteading and it's super cool.  

Kevin Kossowan - From the cellar, wild, garden, local farm - I found this blog through several links, a happy accident.  Kevin takes beautiful pictures, and goes into great detail about his urban homesteading.  Check his blog out, it rocks. 

Outfox Farm - A blog written by Rodney Collins.  Rodney's blog talks about urban homesteading on his property and sustainable living.  

Do you know of any good guy urban homesteading blogs? 


  1. Awesome list! Always looking for more urban homesteading blogs to read and so rarely come across "guy" green blogs.

  2. Wow! I am honored to be on this list. I will be adding the other blogs to my reading list.


  3. YAY more rainy day reading material! Thanks for sharing.
    Mine covers mostly urban homesteading, but also a bit of preparedness, survivalism, and other misc topics....generally whatever I'm doing that day or what pops into my head lol.

  4. Luis - I totally enjoy your blog!

    Chris and Phelan - Thanks for sharing. These guy blogs look really good!

  5. Many thanks for the shout out! Please also check out the companion blog "A Midwest Garden"

    Used to be just perennials, now turning attention to food production.

    Thanks again!


    Subsistence Pattern (Mr. H) Not so much an "urban" gardener.. more of a self sufficient farmer in Idaho. They forage as well as grow most of their food in lovely Idaho.

  7. Sweet! And to be mentioned with such COOL guys rocks!

  8. Thanks - thanks for the praise and I'm honored to be included! I guess I should go and get some more content online now...

    I also guest write semi-regularly (usually on Thursdays) for Erica's blog at, probably more there than on my own page. We really are a blogging duo!

  9. @David - Thanks for the other blog link!

    @Michael - Super cool guys, that's fo sure!

    @Nick - Thanks for letting me know about the Thursday post on Erica's blog. I knew you posted there regularly, but hadn't put together that it was Thursdays, cool.

  10. @Phelan~ Thanks for the props Phelan... We love your blog too!!

    And April, regardless of me not making your list, thanks for giving us guys a little credit. We do try to do our best!

    Paul Gardener
    a posse ad esse

  11. Hi April, thanks for including my blog on this list. I just discovered it. Also thanks for the great work you are doing.

  12. Hi April! Not sure how I missed this post or I would have said THANK YOU sooner.

    Thanks also for the TAKE BACK project - totally inspirational example of grass roots strength!

    And to fill in the blank on my last name, it's Brad Rowland, of HighlyUncivilized.