Monday, April 4, 2011

Free Scores Week

This week has been a "free scores" week for us big time.  Today Ron brought home this awesome industrial 50-60's era cabinet from the hospital, score!  We've been needing something like this for the kitchen, but hadn't gotten around to buying it yet.  Vintage and re-purposed items have an eclectic charm is like no other new item you can buy at the store, and whenever one comes our way, (especially if it's vintage), I'm a happy camper.  The other day he brought home a bunch of plastic laundry baskets, plastic large food containers, and some glass jars that were in the free pile at work.  Sometimes when I need some storage item I just wait until he brings it home from work rather than buying it new from the store.  

So many of our friends have given us items for our garden.  In fact this weekend our neighbor gifted us with three raspberry plants, freakin' awesome!  One of Ron's bosses has given us loads of re-purposed boards and plywood which we're using for raised beds and the chicken coop.  Once we put the word out that we like re-purposed materials we were literally inundated with free stuff.  I think we're going to need to go through all of our stuff and re-gift a bunch that we're not using.  We're collectors, yes we are!  

Some elbow grease and wala - cute kitchen cabinet!  Our stereo is perched up on the top for now.  We love to listen to the radio when cooking, cleaning, etc. so it's perfect.  We may also use it for a coffee/espresso bar.  Ron ran a coffee shop at one time, so we have all of the coffee making gear that never seems to have a proper home on the counters.  

I finally have a spot for most of my (free) canning jars!  They've been sitting on the kitchen table for weeks now, and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them.  Problem solved!

Raspberry starts.

Free boards which are being put to use on the chicken coop.

The best score of the week by far is this massive pile of drip line irrigation tubing.  Ron had seen it on the side of the road for days, and finally scooped it up.  These are not cheap, and all of the connector pieces were attached which makes it an even better score!  Now the raised beds will have a drip irrigation system.

So what is your latest free score for your urban homestead, and where did it come from?  Plants and live stock count!  


  1. I love free stuff too... Last time we had a "lucky week" was last fall. We got a big pile of unwanted bricks from a distant neighbor. We will be using them to make garden paths this year. And a school locker unit with 24 independant lockers. It was an ugly brown thing but we painted it cream and now it is halfway between shabby chic and an industrial look must-have. Great for storing a LOT of stuff. During that week we also found a beautiful French door... It is too wide for where I imagined it but I just cannot part with it. Maybe I will find a use for it this year... BTY, I love that cabinet (gorgeous color, too) !

  2. Holy cow! I got free rhubarb, raspberries, angelica and gooseberries last week. I would be SO happy to find that drip line irrigation right now! Yay!

  3. @Catcoo - I totally forgot to mention that I adore the color of the cabinet! That French door was an awesome score, so jealous!

    @wolfandfinch - We live in pot growing country, so there are a plethora of free grow scores out there, lucky us. :) Great score on the plants btw.