Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday's View of the Garden

We've been cleaning and sprucing up the garden for a few months now, and it's finally looking really good I'm proud to say!  Harvest time is here and what isn't ripe is getting very close.  My big project this past weekend was painting the shed which was in desperate need of a paint job.  Remember this old grey thing from the photo garden tour?  Much improved don't ya think?!  I used left over interior paint which just happens to be very close to the house color, and we hung this vintage wooden red window on the side of the shed we got off Craig's List a while back.  It just happens to be reddish like our house trim color.  The red couch cushions and pillows were bought on sale at Target. I love it when everything ends up color coordinated without much effort.

The tomatoes are exploding with blooms in the greenhouse!

We'll have red tomatoes this year!  Greenhouses are a must where we live on the North California Coast if you want a large tomato crop.  

Head enjoying the afternoon view.

Garlic harvest.  To preserve these yummies we'll soak them in olive oil and freeze.  Home grown garlic for months!

We took down the cat nip plant for the kitties and they ate a LOT.  First they get wild, then they get tired, then last, they get feisty.  Last I saw Derby, (above), he was passed out on the lawn.  Good times.

What's been going on in your urban homestead lately?  What's growing?  What projects are you working on?

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