Monday, March 7, 2011

Urban Homesteader's Day of Action via Youtube

Today is our second urban homesteader's day of action!  We're posting videos on Youtube about urban homesteading and you can find them here on the Take Back Urban Home-steading(s) discussion page

This was my first video attempt on my new camera, so somehow I ended up with the largest possible file, oh well.  It took all night to upload on Youtube, and you can view it here on  Youtube. Ron is harvesting some beets and discusses what urban homesteading means to us.  Funnily enough he forgot to mention that I was the creator of the Take Back Urban Home-steading(s) page.  He also says that I'm the one who discovered the controversy which is partly true.  I was one of the first ones to find out about it, but for the record I wasn't the first!  Anyway, enjoy watching urban homesteaders across the country showing off their urban homesteads and talking about why they do what they do!

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