Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chick Update

Lately the big happening on our urban homestead is the arrival of our chicks.  Yes we have things sprouting up and Ron's been out getting the garden ready for spring, building the coop, (when it isn't raining which has been a rare day), and trimming the trees, but these chicks are stealing the lime light big time.  When the kids get home from school both of them immediately grab one and it seems that one of them is always holding one.  I had no idea how much fun they would have with the chicks.  It makes me happy to no end seeing them with these little pets.  My daughter is gentle and very motherly with them, and the little guy is gentle with them too, although at times a bit unpredictable so I have to watch him like a hawk.  As you can see in the pic below this is one very happy little boy.

The larger chicks are two weeks old now and they look huge!  They're a bit less easy to hold now, but the kids still find a way.  Ron put a bunch of dirt and sticks in the bottom of their box and they're very happy little chicks in there.  They scratch and peck non stop and make happy little sounds.  Ron says, "They feel like real chickens now."  I'm wondering how long they will let the kids hold them.  Time will tell how long they will put up with being grabbed day in and day out.  It seems like the Cuckoo Marans are more tame than the Buff Orpingtons at this point.    

Last weekend we picked up two new additions, aren't they adorable?!  The one on the right is a Ameraucano and she is super tame and mellow.  We're all in love with her, putting it mildly.  The other one is a Black Orpinton and isn't quite as tame.  She's incredibly loud and the kids have named her "Peeper."  

The chicks had an outing last week to pre-school.  The teachers set up this little barn yard fence for them, talk about adorable.  The kids loved them and I plan to bring one back once they're bigger.  So, that's the update here on the Alexander urban homestead!  What's going on over at your place?


  1. awww thats pretty darn cute... just think of all the children that don't really even know what a chicken looks like!!

  2. Can't wait to have hens again! They were so much fun.

  3. omg... that is just too adorable! TY.. soo needed to hear & see something so up lifiting and all out cute-cute-cute.