Sunday, March 27, 2011

Humboldt County Seed and Plant Exchange

Today we headed out into the rainy weather for the annual Humboldt County Seed and Plant Exchange.  What is more fun for an urban homesteader than loads of people, seeds, plants, and Blue Grass?  We showed up for the last 45 minutes and people were still pouring in, grabbing seeds and plants and having a grand time.  There were educational tables, food and books as well.  I love this kind of community event, education, and sharing.

There were loads of bean and herb seeds.


There were so many people it was hard to squeeze into a spot for seeds, and this was right at the end!

A guy had a huge book table on topics from gardening to veganism.  Good thing I didn't have any money...I would have bought out the farm!

Dread lock blue grass and plants, only in Humboldt!

Some graduate students were giving away Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, and other heirloom seeds as part of their senior project.  We are supposed to bring back the seeds the plants produce for the next seed cool is that?!

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