Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Harvest

It seems like we're finally harvesting most of the summer crops we planted months ago!  I'm enjoying my daily lunch garden salad and dinners with fresh veggies from the garden.  There are still a few crops we're waiting on:  tomatoes, brussels sprouts, crooked neck squash and broccoli.  Other than that our little garden is producing loads of fresh veggies!

Thanks to the greenhouse we have cucumbers this year!!  So far we've harvested five, and I see more growing.  Cukes are my all time favorite veggie, and I noticed that home grown ones are much sweeter than store bought.  Ron explained to me that the sugars begin to break down once they're cut from the vine, so if you buy them at the store the sugar is minimal by the time you get it.  Another great reason for growing your own veggies!

Here is the first zucchini we harvested and promptly gave to one of our garden visitors.  More are coming and it looks like we have a great crop this year!  The crooked neck squash are well on their way as well.  

We put green bell peppers in the greenhouse and were elated when we saw them pop up.  They're just about ready to harvest now, yum!

We got quite the crop of red and white bulb onions this year.  We're letting them dry out, and when the top bits are brown we'll cut off the excess and store them in our root cellar, aka outside shed.  

Our proudest harvest by far is our garlic.  We harvested 25 of these sweet lovelies, but have given 5 away because our garden guests rave about them.  I think I need to tuck this basket away so we will actually get to eat some!

My favorite besides the cucumbers is my sugar snap peas.  We've been harvesting these daily now for about two months and they're just about done for the season.  I put them in salads or dip them in ranch dressing, so good!

We planted twice the amount of carrots as last year because we love carrots and eat them on a daily basis.  They're great in soups, salads, or just plain.  So far the potato harvest seems to have done well.  These purple potatoes are so yummy! 

My typical lunch salad:  lettuce, carrots, peas, green onions, basil, cilantro, and cucumber.

Our cilantro is doing quite well this summer.  We use it almost daily for salads, tacos, Thai dishes and more.

We planted two huge bins of basil in the greenhouse and both were destroyed by an evil worm.  This pot was left alone for some reason.  You can't ever have enough basil!

Our five blueberry bushes are actually producing berries in their first year.  We got these plants small to cut costs and didn't expect for them to start producing this quickly, so it's been a pleasant surprise. 

The only edible we have growing in our front yard is strawberries.  These never make it into the house, and our little guy generally gets all of them.  Next year we hope to devote a raised bed to them. 

The green onions are doing well this season.  I love the pretty little seed pods.  We're also growing shallots which I didn't get a pic of, but they are so good, especially cooked. 

The tomatoes are growing like weeds in our greenhouse and are just about ready to harvest.  

See what I mean? 

So what are you harvesting how?

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