Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Growing - February

I thought it would be fun to post some pics of what's growing out in our urban homestead every month.  It's February and we live in the Northern Coast of California, so there isn't a whole lot growing, but what is growing is gloriously green!  Here is a peek into our back yard:  




broccoli (yes, some of it is bolting!)

green onions and lettuce

bulb onions 

Non edible trees & plants:  ornamental kale and flowering plum


  1. You are doing wonderfully with your urban homesteading! Uh...I think those "bulb onions" might be peas? ;-)

  2. They certainly had me fooled! Urban homestead honey planted them.

  3. Love the photos....and it's kind of comforting that someone else's broccoli is bolting here in sunny California (not that I take any pleasure in your pain;)

  4. I sure wish we had all that going on outside! We had bulbs coming up (in Port Angeles, WA) before all that white stuff dumped on us today.

    Yep, I'm with Granny... I think the bulb onions are peas. ~grin~

  5. Lovely post! Found you on Take Back UH on facebook and loved your blog so much I added it to my reading list. Hope you don't mind.

    We live in Washington and currently have 6 inches of snow on the ground. I think I need to move a bit more south....

  6. Incredibly beautiful and healthy garden. We, of the Willamette Valley backyards, are jealous.


  7. Maureen - Yes, it is a bit comforting for you I bet! ;)

    Heidi - Sorry you guys are having snow up there!

    Stone Cottage Mama - Thanks for adding me! Glad you're enjoying my blog. :)

    Harriet - Thanks! My husband does most of the gardening, but I like to take some credit. ;)