Monday, May 23, 2011

I Done Got Published!

Well, I never thought I would see the day I would have an interview in a magazine, but it's happened.  I was interviewed for an article in EcoSalon, a "Conscious Culture and Fashion" magazine about the whole urban homestead trademark controversy.  The article is titled "Bad Blood on the Home(Steading) Front" and also includes an interview from Rebecca Jeschke, Media Relations Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  The Dervaes were contacted via e-mail and phone twice, and haven't responded - big surprise.   I think the writer did an excellent job of articulating the trademark controversy and my favorite part of the interview is this bit, * " On team TBUH, in the meantime, it looks like the damage done to the family’s reputation – generous, neo-hippy and inclusive – is irreparable.
Nevertheless, April adds,  “The urban homesteading community is very giving and I really believe that if they would be willing to mend fences and be more neighborly” all could be forgiven."   After all, the Dervaes  tout being neighborly as one of their main tenants.  

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  1. Minor correction: EcoSalon is a website, not magazine...but it's an on line publication none the less!